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Selling a Home


Understanding how Real Estate works in today’s world is VERY important for potential Sellers.

Similar to every other industry, when a consumer wants a product they go to the internet… nearly 50% in fact. Now that you understand where buyers come from in today’s market, allow me to point out that you’re on our site right now… and so are buyers waiting for your home to be listed!

85% of Home Buyers come from these three sources




Real Estate Agent


Yard Sign/Open House

Meagan’s 10 Step Listing Process:

• Valuation of the property
• Add potential enhancements / Staging
• Prepare the home for showing
• High Quality Photos
• Video / Virtual tour
• Create Advance Internet Exposure Materials
• The Rest you find out when you list with Meagan! She cant give away all of her secrets…
How Meagan obtain's maximum exposure


Why we're one of the fastest growing companies 6 years in a row


Our company's unqiue marketing strategies


Pricing your Home

In today’s tech driven world, one can simply go online, punch in some information about their home and receive an automatic estimate of its market value.  This is a great resource to use as a ‘guide’ but one must understand that these numbers can be up to 20% inaccurate! Meagan Krueger will do an in depth Comparative Market Analysis, also know as a CMA, to determine an accurate market value.  A CMA differs from the automatic home valuation that you receive online because Meagan will personally inspect the properties for similarities and differences to insure that your home is priced to attain its maximum market value.

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